2018/1973 COLLECTION

Hadrian Holtz – a young African-American father from the US, was drafted to the Vietnam war and stationed near Saigon between 1967 – 1973.

These years were the pinnacle of problems like discrimination, civil rights and race relations in the US while African-American soldiers played a big part in the US army fighting the Vietnam war overseas. Nightlife and military clubs provided soldiers some relief from fear of war and problems at home. Besides beer, music and slot machines, that’s where they often found women and companionship. Despite the war zone circumstances, many found new love in Vietnam. Amongst them the young troubled soldier Hadrian Holtz, who met a lady in the Saigon nightlife, that helped him survive through his sorrows and loneliness.

In our first collection we tried to translate the love story of Hadrian Holtz from 1973 into the year of 2018, reimagining the American college tourist in the streets of Vietnam.

Brand designs often include the name HOTEL HOTEL, which derives from the international radiotelephony spelling alphabet standing for Hadrian Holtz.